Enhanced conversions

Hello, I would like to know if there is any way to configure Google Ads enhanced conversions with Zaraz and if there is, how could I set it up?

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Hi there, I’m also interested in the OP’s question. We’re attempting to set up the Google Ads tool to be a replacement for the Google Ads Conversion Tracking tag in tag manager, however we’re not clear on how we might set up the following:

{{Ecommerce Value}}
{{Ecommerce Transaction ID}}
{{Ecommerce Currency}}

  • Provide product-level sales data: from the datalayer
  • Provide new customer data: from the datalayer
  • Include user-provided data from your website: {{standard automatic enhanced conversions}}
  • Provide delivery data: {{Ecommerce Shipping}}

Is there a tutorial / parts in the documentation that covers the setup of all of the required parameters?
Thanks for your help.

@yoav_zaraz would any of your team be able to guide on this please? Specifically the {{standard automatic enhanced conversions}} feature, which Google strongly recommends for accurate attribution of ad revenue. Thanks :slight_smile:

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