Enhanced Account Security / Recovery Features


I would like to move some things to Cloudflare (Registrar). The problem I have with this however is that there appears to be no well defined procedure for recovering an account. With just nameservers this isn’t a problem, if worst comes to worst you could just make a new Cloudflare account. With a domain registered to the Cloudflare account, there is no way to do this. If an account is hijacked or details lost then the domain is seemingly gone forever. This is very problematic, especially given how valuable a domain can be — in many cases it is the root of an organisation / user’s internet presence. Without the domain all is lost.

Therefore I am proposing a form of ‘business’ domain registration / account verification, similar to what some traditional registrars provide. This would be a service similar to the registrar services provided by Cloudflare enterprise, but without the 4-5 figure/month fee.

In summary this feature would work as follows:

  • Upon registration you provide real-world evidence of your ID, eg, passport.
  • If down the track you lose access to your account, then you can follow this process again to assuredly verify and regain access to your account.
  • This verification would also be done for the high-risk operation of transferring a domain out from Cloudflare. To distinguish the feature from Cloudflare Enterprise it would not need to be done for, eg, changing nameservers. The verification process is meant to be highly exceptional.

The reality is that it is very difficult to place so much trust in something like 2fa backup codes, and therefore we need a guaranteed way to link back to real world identity verification if all else fails.
I would be happy to pay extra for this feature under a reasonable non-enterprise pricing model. Eg, I would consider a one-off $100 USD fee to ‘register’ my ID; or alternatively build it into a ‘premium’ domain registration / pro plan (though note this is an account-level function). In either case I think it is important that this is basically an insurance feature, not designed for every day use, so should be priced accordingly.