Energical.com can't be access through Mobilis (ATM) Algeria


Since we moved with Cloudflare, our website

is no more accessible on mobile data with ATM (Algerie Telecom Mobilis) aka with it’s ASN ID : AS327712.
We mention that the site can be accessed for user coming from other telco operators (both mobile and landline) : AS36947 ALGTEL-AS, AS327931 Optimum-Telecom-Algeria, AS33779

The website was working with SSL for all telco operators before adding to Cloudflare

Have you faced such situation ?
Any advise ?


Hello there,

Is the situation being faced only in mobile? or other devices as well? I suggest you to check your SSL settings. You can also get some #CommunityTip. Read here:

You can also try pausing Cloudflare services and a few minutes later resume the same to know better.


As explained, the problem occurs only when the traffic is coming from one Telco (Mobile operator), it’s working fine when connecting from other telcos both mobile and landline internet.

Okay. This seems the ISP is blocking the traffic to the website / those IP address ranges. You may better contact your ISP in this regard to unblock. Here, Cloudflare cannot be of much help. However, this #CommunityTip may help.

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