Endlessly shows pending nameserver update for fluitek.com

Changed nameservers to cloudflare on May 15th. It is now May 22nd and cloudflare is not recognizing the changes. All DNS lookup tools report the nameservers have changed as of several days ago.

When I go to finish the nameserver update in configuration in cloudflare, I just keep getting the same message day after day “Cloudflare is now checking the nameservers for fluitek.com. Please wait a few hours for an update.”

I’ll come back a few hours later, and it asks me to check again with no progress. Then I’ll check again and get the same message. This has been happening day after day.

The support article guidance says to allow 5 days. It’s now been 7. We need help.

If order to move your activate your domain at Cloudflare you need to update your nameservers are your registrar. Your registrar currently shows the following nameservers:


Where were you seeing that? That was uploaded over a week ago. And every DNS checker tool I’ve used shows:

On this one, it still shows old for certain countries, and I figured theres not really anything I can do about that. But almost all of them are displaying what we are hoping for.

You changed your DNS at your DNS provider, not your registrar. Do a Whois lookup for your domain which will show your registrar nameservers remain unchanged.


I still see your domain is pointing to non Cloudflare nameservers
Please remove them and replace with assigned Cloudflare nameservers at your registrar.
Please check this link for the detail: Change your nameservers (Full setup) · Cloudflare DNS docs


Hi @robert.nicklin

As the other shave mentioned, then you should only have Cloudflare nameservers added at your Registrar, so all other nameservers has to be removed.

You also need to make sure that your Registrar is serving the SOA record. When these two are fullfilled, your domain will be active in your Cloudflare account.


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