Endless loop redirect

Recently created my website it worked before, but now when i go to the website i get ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS. I use google sites and my domain is www.dockware.cc It also doesnt work without www lol. I’ve deleted all rules and cleared all my browser cookies and history.

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Do you have a DNS entry for dockware.cc? That name does not currently resolve. The most obvious explanation would be that DNS record was created. Adding the appropriate A or AAAA record should fix that.

One of the most common reasons for ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS is using the SSL setting of Flexible which connects to your origin insecurely using HTTP. This can cause a loop if your origin tries to redirect to HTTPS. The best solution is to use Full (Strict) SSL.

The following Community #tutorial topics have more details if you are interested.

Thanks for your reply but i dont know how to get my A record as you said

Your apex name, dockware.cc, now resolves.

Did you make sure that your Cloudflare SSL mode is set to Full (Strict)?


now it works i set it to full script ty so much i wanna kiss you


Ok but i got another. If i dont type www.dockware.cc it doesn’t work. I want it to be able to type like dockware.cc without www

What did you change in the DNS entry for dockware.cc? It was working two days ago.

i dont think so i havent changed anything. Its always been when i type dockware.cc it doesnt work it needs www

I don’t have a screenshot from two days ago, but if I had seen the Error 1000 DNS points to prohibited IP, I would have mentioned it.

You need to figure what IP you have in that DNS record and update it to the correct one.

Do i need to create 2 A records?

No. If you are using those Cloudflare proxy addresses, it explains the error you are encountering. You need to use the adresses of your webserver.

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and how do i do that?

these are my current settings what do i chnge?

One way to solve this is to delete the A record for your apex name, dockware.cc, and replace it with a AAAA record that uses 100:: as placeholder. Make sure it is set to :orange: and redirect to your www name.

I dont understand i deleted my a record not there’s no a record. Am i supposed to create a AAAA record in the dns, or make a rule?

Both. How do think the rule will work if you don’t direct traffic to Cloudflare?

Do i just put @ for the name?


this is how it looks and it still doesnt work

Was I unclear when I wrote:

Do you see 100:: in your screenshot? I don’t see it. You need to use 100:: in that AAAA record.