Endless loop as user of sites that use cloudflare

Hello, I don’t use Cloudflare myself but use websites that use Cloudflare as protection.

In the last weeks I often have the problem, that the “test” if I am a human does repeat several times before I can proceed to the site. Sometimes it is a checkbox sometimes a blue button. Sometimes after 3 or 5 retries it works. But in the last days it never works and has become an endless loop without success to get to the webpage.

I testet the Cloudflare manfredi io tool, it says I am 98% human.

The problem just appears in my Chrome Browser when logged into my google account, with incognito window or different browser it does not appear. As I always use Chrome it is very annoying.

I tried: delete cookies, delete cache, close and reopen, restart computer - nothing helps.

Any idea what I could do to resolve this problem - except using a different browser or an incognito window?


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Have you tested with your add-ons disabled? This has been a frequent cause. If you find that it works with the add-ons disabled, you can continue to test while selectively enabling them until you identify the responsible add-on.

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Thank you, that worked. I removed all add-ons I don’t need anymore and now the problem is resolved. :slight_smile:

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