Endless error 522 at zotac store

i dont understand how the service works at doing anything useful when the bots get through but im stuck with this bs error screen

Sounds like the website owner’s server is having issues. :hugops: Once the website owner has resolved the issue hopefully their site will be available to you once again.

Community Tip - Fixing Error 522: Connection timed out - DNS & Network - Cloudflare Community

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maybe they are having issues, there are thousands of bots hammering the site for refresh’s but when fresh inventory is dropped (alerted on discord and other private services) the site gives me cloudflare 522 errors until inventory is sold out. im operating as a human, on real devices. due to several factors in less than a minute sold out,. the site return to normal after about 4-5 minutes.
when there is NO inventory the site functions fine…


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thats what i just said…???

the site only has issues when inventory drops and everyone is trying to access the site. the error comes up in the middle of checkout and i lose the items. this is the only store i shop at that uses cloudflare, it seams to most frustrating because im not a robot and i suspect the bots are actually winning as everything is sold out in seconds

Try activating IUAM (I’m under attack mode) to challenge all connections. This way your server won’t be overloaded!

i dont have a server? im an end user

im trying to understand whats going on here, im in the it industry and whats going on here makes no sense. so your saying the server isnt challenging all the connections?
ive got time to unravel everyone pointing fingers at eachother on this

Ugh that can certainly be frustrating. My guess is there are probably more shops using Cloudflare than you realize (normally we’re pretty invisible unless someone is looking deeper)… I’m actually amazed at the number of sites I find using our products (makes me all kinds of giddy).

Unfortunately inventory hoarding bots and automated checkout tools for limited edition products can be a real challenge for site operators and customers alike. Not sure what tools this site might be using (and couldn’t share even if I were) but we do have some tools which can help wit these kinds of things (but man… bot makers are a creative bunch of *&^%$%$Ws to be sure).

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Without knowing anything about the customer and just going off of what is described here… the 522 error is probably occurring because the origin is overloaded and your attempt to add content to the cart or checkout can’t be served in a timely fashion. How the site is configured, what tools they may be using to cache more content, mitigate bots or what have you… I can’t say.

As another consumer of somewhat limited edition items, there is an EDC tool vendor who releases limited edition work. They site has almost no traffic most days and can be served almost entirely from Cloudflare’s cache (not sure if they actually use Cloudflare TBH). But when they need to serve orders their site struggles mightily.

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