Endless 524 and 502 errors on my site... not an issue at my hosting provider



So, after studying a 1/2 posts in the community 1/2 with broken links to other help files I have found no solutions and no support from the CloudFlare community.

Two days ago my WP site started to slow down significantly. Enough that in Google page speed insights mobile experience dropped from a “83” to a “7”.

There were NO changes to the site/updates/etc to the Wordpress site.
No nameserver or IP changes… I checked everything.

Once logged into the Wp-Dashboard if you try to do anything at all latency issues become and issue nothing loads and Cloudflare times you out. After contacting GoDaddy, my managed WP Hosting solution (4) separate times it has been determined the server is responding correctly to CloudFlare’s request. I escalated the issue and my GoDaddy server is fine.

Some train has fallen off the track here at Cloudflare as Cloudflare has decided to not receive any new data from my WP managed hosting. This is now at 48 hours slowdown is costing my business money.

What ever happened two days ago and has not been resolved. I am running out of ideas and am considering changing services. Even Godaddy’s CDN is looking good right now.

SO any ideas would be great at this point.

And cloudflare, hire an editor/link checker for your support forums. It is impossible to find a solution in one post if all the links off it go to Cloudflare 404s. It is just sloppy documentation. If you choose to not have a live chat window support option or a call in help number it isn’t helping any of your users.


Why don’t you just open support ticket and for starters turn off orange clouds on DNS records?


Hi there. I’m sorry to hear about your problem.

I might say… this community is still fairly new, so you might not find a solution to your specific problem in an existing topic. Since this is your first post, I urge you to give us a chance to help you solve your specific issue before bailing entirely on Cloudflare.

Do you have a Page Rule setup to bypass cache for wp-admin? If not, you should, and that may solve that particular problem.

Are you willing to provide your domain so I/others can do some more investigation?

If you find a broken link in a topic I encourage you to report it that so the Mods can fix it.


Sorry that you are having issues. Would you be able to provide some examples of these broken links? I’ve been clicking through several articles and the links seem to be working as expected.


I’ve had a similar issue once. Cloudflare staff were not able to figure out the why in order to fix it. Turns out that made sense, the problem was not theirs. At the hosting platform the firewall had to be adjusted.
I don’t remember too well so I won’t point you in the wrong direction. Instead I offer the suggestion to bring the matter to your website host.

Just want to add a little more…

So there you have it. The web server did not reply in a timely manner. In my case it was because of the firewall. I cant say for you. So again, tell your host what’s going on… again… they are missing something somewhere. It’s frustrating for sure.



First of all with this amount of information is a bit hard to find out what is exactly going but here is my guess:

Do you have any IDS/Firewall on your server?

Since your hosting has checked the website and it is OK while not behind CF it seems your server has issue with CF edge servers. One possible cause could be a triggered IDS on your end which is blocking/rate-limiting CF edge servers.
Another reason could be routing issues due to mis-configured iptable rules.

If you have one or both of IDS/FW on your server start by disabling them and check if problem is solved. Later you can find and fix the exact issue and enable them again.


Hi Jules,

Thank you for your response. It does seem similar in nature. I have already spent about 3 hours on the phone with Godaddy support. I have gotten about 3-4 layers deep in their tech support currently to no avail.

Inconsistent loadtimes


Thank you but 6 days later I’m trying to put out my own site fire with not a ton of knowledge in this area. I was under the impression that once you set up CloudFlare it would pretty much function until it didn’t. With no changes on my end, we have reached this point.

So after reading you help forums for hours as the only form of support CloudFlare offers you want me to share the 404s found? Please download Link-Spider and crawl the CloudFlare forums for the broken links.

It is impossible to ask a customer to help purify a support process when they themselves are not getting a solution to a complex issue over a product CloudFlare distributes.


Hi Xaq,

First, thank you for all the information you provided. There are a handful of terms that are out of my knowledge wheelhouse here. But, I am appreciative as now I know where to start digging up a solution.

“Do you have any IDS/Firewall on your server?” – I’m not entirely sure. Godaddy takes away all the fun diagnosing bells and whistles that you find in a cpanel when you move over to WP Dedicate hosting packages with them. The depth that I can access/see is about to my IP address to point to and that is it.

I will respond to this post when I find out more. Thank you again!


What Zaq said rings a bell. Make sure there is no firewall that is blocking CF’s connecting IPs. Or if there is a firewall that only allows certain connecting IPs, make sure CF’s IPs are in there.


I’m sorry that this has been so frustrating for you. We do also have support available at support.cloudflare.com and you can also always email supportATcloudflareDOTcom from your account email address.

If you would like to file a support ticket one of our engineers would be better equipped to drill down into the nitty gritty of the issue (since we can’t really do that in a public space). If you do go that route please let me know the ticket number so I can get some eyes on it.

In the meantime I’ll continue checking the site for potential 404 links.


Hi Ryan,
Thank you and yes still trying to find why site when off the tracks. I will say the majority of my support forum searches were for 524s and 502s error is where I found the 404s on links to other helpful documents.
I’m just out of bandwidth currently :slight_smile:


Hi Ryan, support ticket # (#1381846).


One question, I would like to ask -

Do you use Cloudflare plugin?


I do believe that is it in there. Unfortunately, the issue is getting worse and today any sort of login to WP-admin times out into a 502 error. I have not heard back from support a day later and 6 days into this CloudFlare nonsense.
Best of Luck!


Sorry to know about this. I think the problem is hosting.

  • Have you tried to disable all plugins and check again? Some plugin don’t support at all host, especially due to oudated PHP version. (which Go****y provides as I have seen while working with some client project).

I personally never prefer Go****y due to their poor service quality. From some friends who were their customer I have also heard that they don’t recommend using Cloudflare on their host.


If you’re out of bandwidth, it’s probably godaddy blocking further connections. The 5XX errors make sense in this case.


You should’ve received a reply on Monday. For security purposes we need you to re-submit the request from the email address registered to your account. Once you’ve done that I can merge the tickets and get someone to take a look.


Hi all,

I believe we’re experiencing a similar problem to the original post. Perhaps someone can point me in the right direction?

Our site seems to be perfectly accessible and well performant when accessed by a user in Toronto Canada. However, users in Montreal Canada appear to have performance issues due the website timing out (the browser shows 524 code received from CF.)

Any idea on how to troubleshoot this?


Have you already worked through the possibilities here?