End User - Verification Failure EVERY TIME

This is probably the wrong way to do it but I can’t contact support without opening and paying for a business account I don’t need…

As an end user every. single. cloudflare. website will not let me in. I fail human verification every. single. time.

Forums are FULL of similar issues all over the world for the last few years with no help provided by Cloudflare at all… I am Win11, use Kamo, Norton (with VPN), MalwareBytes, Spybot S&D… I’ve tried disabling all extensions on Chrome to no avail… I can occasionally use Edge and it verifies on e.g. 5th attempt, but never on Chrome…

Does anyone have ANY ideas please? :frowning: I won’t be removing any of the above security…

Cloudflare Support, regardless whatever plan you have, will not be able to help you with what is happening on a website that you do not own and control.

The escalation path is, if you have issues with some specific website, that you’re contacting the support desk for that specific website.

If that specific for some reason doesn’t provide you any way to get in touch, you’re out of luck.

Disable it.

Stuff like what Kamo (assuming that I found the correct Kamo) claims to be doing, is often causing conflicts with various CAPTCHA’s or other security systems, causing more harm than good.

Disable the VPN.

See the above.

In that case, it sounds like the only option you have, is to live with it the way it is right now…


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