Encrypted email messages

Whenever I receive email messages via our website contact enquiry form they appear encrypted or jumbled. Is this anything to do with Cloudflare? Has anyone else experienced the same issue? Obviously, we could be losing business. Thanks.

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Are you using Cloudflare’s Email Forwarding service? If not, could you try to temporarily pause Cloudflare for your domain (in your overview page)?


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Thankyou Lumito and for the warm greeting!.

I have paused Cloudflare for the domain in question but still receiving jumbled emails even when I try to reset the password. When pausing do I need to reset the nameservers back to default at ZFast? Cloudflare state that the alternative is to use developer mode or something. or something? No, I am not using Cloudflare email routing.

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You should not change your nameservers anywhere when pausing Cloudflare. Pausing simply directs traffic directly to your server instead of routing it through the Cloudflare proxy. This will allow you to confirm whether the web form problem orginates on your severs.

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Thanks for the information.

As @epic.network said, if you pause Cloudflare and the problem still persists, then it’s probably something related to the configuration in your server/contact form/email server. And neither Cloudflare nor this community can do anything to solve it.

Hope it helps!

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