Encoding: gzip for Faster Loading of WebGL Game Assets

Dear Cloudflare expers,

I am currently developing a WebGL game totaling 9MB in size. To enhance its loading speed, I am keen to compress and cache its assets.

The game’s URL is hosted at: super-house-sss.web.app, while its assets, totaling 9MB, are hosted at https://cdn.100fans.app/ard/Build/. This CDN endpoint is connected to Cloudflare.

The game engine outputs the following message in the console: “You can reduce startup time if you configure your web server to add ‘Content-Encoding: gzip’ response header when serving the file ‘https://cdn.100fans.app/ard/Build/061/demo_shortbuild9.framework.js.unityweb’” This can be observed by visiting super-house-sss.web.app and checking the console.

My inquiry pertains to enabling ‘Content-Encoding: gzip’ on the Cloudflare side. Could you kindly advise on how to accomplish this?