Enabling Vary - questions

Hi, I am new to Cloudflare and am trying to set up images seving for my website in the most performant way.
I came across a blog post on Vary where the benefit of using it is described as:

Vary for Images reduces the need for these redundant negotiations to an origin by parsing the request’s Accept header and sending that on to the origin to ensure that the origin knows exactly what content it needs to deliver to the browser.

My first question is, why is it not enabled by default for all eligible plans? Are there any downsides to enabling it? How much of a performance gain are we talking about?

My second question is around enabling it. I set up a token with the following parameters:

Permissions: Zone - Zone - Edit
Zone: Include Specific Zone - <my_zone_domain>

Testing my token results in success.

After that I am sending a GET request to
"https://api.cloudflare.com/client/v4/zones/{my account id}/cache/variants" to
test if I can retrieve existing rules, and am getting “Authentication Error”.

It would be helpful to add specific token requirements for each of the end points in the documentation, so one wouldn’t have to guess. In my specific situation, I am not certain how to proceed.

Thank you in advance!

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