Enabling TLS 1.2



Our company is managing several sites, a few which are eCommerce. We want to make sure all our eCommerce sites are set up to support TLS 1.2, but when we toggle the “Require Modern TLS” button to ON, we get an error message saying “Not allowed to edit setting for tls_1_2_only (Code: 1015)”. This seems to be happening for all our eCommerce sites that are set up on the PRO Plan. Would you happen to know how to fix this? Thank you.


Same here Pro plan and not work =(


same here, WAF plan:
Not allowed to edit setting for tls_1_2_only (Code: 1015)


Hi all - I’m not sure why it’s not more visible in the UI, but that features is only available for BIZ or ENT plans. But we are working on a fix that should help and hope to have that ready in the coming weeks.


@ryan Can you confirm the “Require Modern TLS” feature is available to everyone now?
It appears toggleable in my UI and turning it on works (we’re on Free). You may want to update your docs to indicate it is available to everyone, if that is the case…


@ryan Assuming that’s a yes at this point since nothing has changed, but you still need to update the API docs!