Enabling the 'Orange Cloud' :orange:


This tutorial covers what records can be set to :orange: and what should be left at :grey:.

What does :orange: do?

•The orange cloud means that traffic to that hostname is running through Cloudflare

•This includes

-Masking your IP


-SSL (if enabled)

What records can you enable :orange: for?

A, AAAA and CNAME are the only records that can have :orange: enabled, but not all of them should be set to :orange:

When should you leave records :grey:?

•If the record is anything other than A, AAAA or CNAME

•If you are trying to validate a service with a record

•For non web traffic, including Mail, FTP etc.

How to change records to :orange: or :grey:

Login to Cloudflare
Select the domain
Go to the DNS tab
Click the cloud icon to toggle between :orange: and :grey:

There is a support article about this available as well:

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