Enabling Sub domains

I’ve had my domain working through my free Cloudflare account for a while. I want to add two subdomains. They currently show in my dns settings with nameservers pointing back to my host company.

How do I change this so they are also served through Cloudflare?


Subdomains should follow the main domain…unless you’ve delegated the subdomain away by using NS records here. Where are you looking at these DNS settings?

They are in my cloudflare account dns settings.
Should I just delete the setting with my host nameservers?

Yes. If you want Cloudflare DNS for your subdomains, get rid of those NS records.

I deleted the NS records and now the sub domain doesn’t connect, getting timed out error message

Do you have A or CNAME records for those subdomains in Cloudflare DNS?

I did not. The A record worked leaving only one issue, the www version.
I have a cname www for the root that works.
I’ve tried adding a cname for the sub domain without success.
What’s the format,what goes under “content”?

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