Enabling SSL breaks the site

Hello all.
After deleting all DNS and adding new ones, because the i changed host. THe web site is back online to the domain that points to the new host IP.

Now when enabling SSL/TLS to full doesnt show the web site, only for flexible. This was not the case with the old host.

While trying to import the cert to the new host (AWS) i get an error Provided certificate is not a valid self signed. Please provide either a valid self-signed certificate or certificate chain.
How can i this one?


How is disabling Cloudflare safer exactly?


I Was able to fix the problem. AWS is a pain for SLL setup for EC2 sometimes…

Thanks all.

Yes, many people don’t use it so I recommend looking at Oracle or GitHub pages.

I completely agree with you @AppleSlayer !

Man some people on the internet just love to troll… Anyhow. Good day!



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