Enabling proxy makes site slower


After enabling “proxy” on my site, and setting up a page rule with “Browser Cache TTL: an hour, Cache Level: Cache Everything, Edge Cache TTL: 2 hours”, my site is extremely slow when content is not in cache.

Here’s some stats from webpagetest before (top) and after (bottom) I turned on proxy:

As you can see, some of the values have increased by a lot. This is especially noticable on my list of movies.Try to go to any but page 1 (which is cached as of right now) and you’ll notice the loading of the pictures are extremely slow.(or course, if many of you are testing at the same time the speed will go up)

I’ve seen lots of questions like these, but the suggestions in the answers doesn’t seem to have any effect on my site.

What is wrong here? Why is it so extremely slow to load page content that is not cached?

Apparently I’m not allowed to include links, so my list of movies can be accessed on www[dot]onceinawhitemoon[dot]net/movies/

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