Enabling HTTPS with GoDaddy

Hi-- I’ve recently activated Cloudflare in my Wordpress installation, and this morning made an adjustment with GoDaddy (the web host) related to SSLs (SSL certificate plan change). I was searching through those changes this afternoon, and found the below message from GD. I’ve searched the Cloudflare site for steps on how to do this, but have found nothing. I’m sure this is a common problem. Any ideas? Thanks.

Thank you for choosing the Managed SSL service with us! We have reviewed your request for an SSL installation for domain xyzxyz.org. At this point, we have the SSL certificate issued and installed on to the server. It seems the domain xyzxyz.org is currently using a CDN managed by CloudFlare. In order for us to configure the site to load over HTTPS, please contact CloudFlare Support to enable HTTPS with GoDaddy for your site. Once the changes have been updated, please email us directly back so we can complete the configuration. Alternatively, if you no longer need to use CloudFlare, please call our 24x7 Support for assistance.

They would need to clarify what they mean by that.

Generally, they do not need anything from Cloudflare to issue your certificate. There isnt even much Cloudflare could even do.

The only thing, which sometimes is an issue, is if issuing the certificate requires some sort of validation which is prevented by proxying certain DNS records. In these cases you could only (temporarily) switch these records from :orange: to :grey:, wait for the validation, and then switch back. However you’d like have to do this every time you want to renew the certificate.

The easiest way might be to simply have an origin certificate issued on Cloudflare and have it configured by Godaddy. Though, AFAIK, they usually dont do this and insist on selling their own certificates.

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