Enabling DNSSEC

How to enable dnssec in cloudflare.
I got the domain from freenom.com. Registered the domain in cloudflare. The DNS servers in freenom are cloudflare dns. freenom does not have anything specific to the site.
My dns records are coming from cloudflare.

I am trying to enable dnssec. I created a DS record in cloudflare dns with the DS record i got from enabling cloudflare in DNS. But the status is always
“DNSSEC is pending while we wait for the DS to be added to your registrar. This usually takes ten minutes, but can take up to an hour.”

How do i get this working?


Freenom should have a DNSSEC section for your registered domain. Have you entered Cloudflare’s DNSSEC info at Freenom?

I don’t see such option in Freenom website. Anything related to DNS it refers to cloudflare since it is manged there.

Am i missing something.


It could be that Freenom doesn’t support DNSSEC as a registrar. It wouldn’t be the first time a company didn’t support DNSSEC at both ends (Registrar & DNS). You’d have to check with them to be sure.

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