Enabling DNS Proxy decreases website speed


I have my website hosting on DigitalOcean Bangalore, India. My users are also mostly from India.

My site speed is great only, but…
The problem I’m facing is when I enable “DNS Proxy/proxied” on Cloudflare for my site, the TTFB time increases by 75%, and the speed/loading time increase by 50%.

If I Keep “DNS Only” on Cloudflare the TTFB is very low & the loading speed is amazing. (Tested this multiple times).

Refer to Both screenshots of the test results
Improves Without CF DNS Proxy Enabled: https://ibb.co/5cMLdXp
Decrease With CF DNS Proxy Enabled: https://ibb.co/hZg20Hz

Kindly assist to rectify the issue and resolution to this problem.

DNS proxy is only good for static content. For dynamic it takes more time because it’s use an intermediate for nothing.

Does anyone have other opinions/solution?

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