Enabling Cloudflare stops DNS propagation and page loading


I had switched my nameservers from Namecheap to Cloudflare around 24 hours ago. Traffic was great for around 12 hours as I could notice from my CF dashboard. After this customers started complaining about pages not loading. I checked a bunch of “DNS propagation” tools and noticed that most of them had not picked up my DNS yet (which makes sense of course, since it was still under 48 hours). I also connected to VPNs around the globe and my site was not loading in various locations (which was weird since my namecheap CNAME was pointing to the right spot, so DNS propagation should not have anything to do with this).

So I clicked the “Disable Cloudflare on Site” button on my dashboard and then I noticed that DNS was updating slowly in the next few hours. After this, I figured I might as well click the “Enable Cloudflare on Site” button and sadly almost immediately the propagation stopped again! And it seemed like I was back to square one. So I have had it “disabled on Cloudflare” overnight and my site seems to be stable.

I must add that I am in Atlanta and there was a CF outage last night in my city’s datacenter around the same time I was facing the issue. Although, I did test with a VPN connected to Australia, Europe etc and so, why should the Atlanta datacenter issue have anything to do with my problem?

Anyway, I am scared to enable CF on my site again for fear of destroying my site. Happy to give any additional info. I am attaching my request traffic chart below. My website is fast-checkout.cartylabs.com

If that hostname is proxied, it will show up as an “A” record consisting of Cloudflare’s anycast proxy address for your site. If you un-proxy/Pause Cloudflare, then that hostname will show up as a CNAME.

Right now, it’s not proxied, so it’s resolving as a CNAME.

Thank you for your reply. I was not able to fully comprehend what your response meant.

Running dig gives me this

dig fast-checkout.cartylabs.com +trace
cloudflare NS ...
fast-checkout.cartylabs.com. 300 IN CNAME	agitated-wescoff-6bd242.netlify.app

Is that what you mean by “it’s resolving as a CNAME”? And if I unpause Cloudflare, will that change to an “A” record proxy address?

Finally, and this is what I guess my concern is, will unpausing CF cause any issues when it comes to hitting my netlify URL for worldwide users?

Thank you again.

Cloudflare is providing DNS for your domain. Any changes you make will take effect within five minutes. As your site resolves, and is currently showing as an unproxied CNAME, it’s up to you what to do next.

Thank you again for the prompt response.

Although I have a confusion. You say that this is an unproxied CNAME, but my Cloudflare dashboard indicates that this is proxied over to Namecheap. Attached screenshot below:

Am I misunderstanding your comment? Thank you again.

As long as you leave “Disable Cloudflare on Site” activated, none of your records will be proxied.

Thank you again. One more question - I have all my DNS records TTL set very low at 1 min in namecheap side (in preparation for migration) and auto on Cloudflare side. Would you recommend it to be changed in any way before I “Enable Cloudflare on Site”?

Thank you again. Your support is amazing and at least gives me some confidence for my migration to CloudFlare. This is going to be my third attempt (and hopefully the last and successful attempt).

That’s as good as it gets. At this point, it makes no difference if you’ve “Enabled” or not. Either option applies to Cloudflare DNS with a 5-minute (Auto) TTL.

Previously i posted and i am not able to reply on those post: Replace with Cloudflare's nameservers - #4 by sdayman

This is really sad, some customers are seeing these issues. It is giving 502 bad gateway, seeing for many customers. Nothing is loading for the customer. What should i do?

I am using VPN to test if my app is working in different country, it is not working in most countries