Enabling CloudFlare SSL on WordPress site - is there a simple how to that I can use?

Is there a ‘how to’ article / support document for enabling Cloudflare SSL for a WordPress site? I have several http WordPress sites, but enabling Cloudflare SSL breaks them. I don’t want to do a hack on the site to fix it but do it properly.

Also, after enabling https, what needs to be done on Google Search console?

Thank you!!

Open your sites Dashboard, go to Settings (General) and change your domain from http to https for WP and Site address…

WordPress Address (URL) https://example.com


Site Address (URL) https://example.com

After that, go to Search engine consoles to update Site URL, robot.txt and sitemap URLs.

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Ah, do that first and THEN go to Cloudflare | Crypto | SSL and enable. Last time I tried, I did the reverse order and couldn’t get to my site.

If you do it this way, you won’t need to edit config and database directly.
If you get Not Secure errors because of mixed content, be sure to search this Community forum for those how-to guides.

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