Enabling CloudFlare proxy to Zevenet, get 520 error

Hi. I have CloudFlare for my domain which goes to my Zevenet Load Balancers in my infrastructure, which goes to load balanced back end servers.

As soon as I enable “proxy” on the A record DNS entry, the site still works but when I try to upload images etc it gives me the 520 error. References me to here:

If I disable the CloudFlare proxy, all works fine.

Anyone know if there’s an issue between CloudFlare and Zevenet or other load balancers?

To isolate the problem, I’ve also allowed CloudFlare Proxy enabled and bypass my load balancers, and images etc are uploaded fine, no problems. I’ve also tested with “cache” enabled on CloudFlare and that causes problems, so I have to disable “cache” in page rules to allow images and files to be uploaded on my site.

Please advise if you know what to check my end.

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