Enabling Cloudflare proxy shows Invalid SSL

I have setup DNS for a domain and created a valid SSL certificate using Let’s Encrypt.
When I turn on the Cloudflare proxy I immediately get 526 Errors for an invalid SSL even though I have SSL setup as Full and not Full (strict)
Although by now I’ve tried both settings

What do you get with theCloudflare proxy disabled?

When the proxy is disabled it goes to the site just fine. If I check the SSL with SSL Checker it shows up as a valid SSL from Let’s Encrypt.

We did have a bunch of fraudulent card attempts over the weekend almost two weeks ago now.
That’s when I turned on the proxy to try to protect the site.

After I turned on the proxy it, the domain would point back to the old bluehost site that apparently was still up from last year.
I deleted the site and SSL from bluehost, but now I’m getting the invalid SSL certificate when the proxy is on.

I wonder if the old SSL certificate is somehow still cached on Cloudflare.

This is such a weird issue…
Anyone know of a way that Cloudflare would hold on to old proxy information

In this case, it looks like your hosting provider has got a custom hostname set up for your domain which means they control your Cloudflare configuration & origin location. You will need to contact them directly to have them remove this at your request, this should ensure you can modify your SSL settings & origin appropriately and resolve this issue.

I’ve replied on the ticket internally with more details.

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