Enabling Cloudflare made site go slower

Hi, we enabled Cloudflare yesterday and since it was enabled, the site has been running very slow. What can be the issue? Do I have missing configurations?

Could someone help? I have the Pro plan.

Thank you.

How much difference in speed? Do you have page speed reports from before and after switching?

How is the cache performing? You’re on Pro so you have access to cache analytics. Check the status of common requests there. Check / tweak your TTL for browser and edge cache. Try with and without APO enabled, because it’s a new service that still has issues.

I’ve only been using Cloudflare (and APO) for just under a week, and it has measurably increased performance. Also on the Pro plan.

And give it some more time once you think you’ve got the appropriate TTL and other cache settings. I think it takes more than a couple of days to get in to a rhythm… but that’s not a very technical explanation. :sunglasses:

Hi trichstir, it goes slow up to the point we had to change again to our old DNS provider as you couldn’t access to the website as it didn’t load up until 20 or 30 seconds.

The cache seems to be caching a 10% of the content. We haven’t used APO. I was asking mostly for a configuration guide or something which could guide me through the platform. I know Cloudflare is serving thousands of sites, if ours is not working must be because something is missing, not optimized, etc…

What are the notifications in that browser caching report when you click to expand? In any case, this most likely isn’t the problem. It will “fail” you on this section if your browser cache TTL is set below 7 days (I think), but that’s not causing 20-30 second load times. I’m currently testing a browser cache TTL of 20 hours on my Cloudflare site, so I get a fail on that report.

I would be more concerned with the redirects that it’s reporting for your site. Expand that and check what’s happening.

And then go through the initial setup guide for Cloudflare to see if you missed something: https://www.cloudflare.com/welcome-center/activation/

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