Enabling Cloudflare APO: Bad request

I’m trying to enable the Cloudflare plugin on my subdomain website but when I click on activate APO I get the error: Bad Resquest.
I was unable to interpret any error on my side. I deactivated AdGuard, cleared my cache and so far I have not been successful.


You may have forgotten something, please follow the steps carefully:

Thank you @DotMrCode!
I already managed to solve the problem. My situation was as follows:
I wanted to activate APO for a website with a subdomain and received or error. So I installed it on the main domain and then on the subdomain and it worked.

That shouldn’t be necessary. I activated APO on a subdomain where the main domain does not have WordPress.

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That’s what I thought @sdayman. I didn’t have WordPress on the main domain either, I had to deploy a VM to test it and it worked.

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