Enabling Always Online makes GA4 zero visitors


Yesterday, I noticed a hint says Always Online needs upgrade I clicked upgrade and everything was working good.
Today, I was checking Google Analytics 4, I noticed it gets zero visitors !!!
I thought the server is down. checked the server and GA4 everything working properly.
I disabled Always Online and cleared the cache and visitors starts to count again !!!

Does that means in order to watch my website through GA, I have to disable Always Online feature?


I have to admit I haven’t experienced this yet.
I have Always Online feature enabled GA Universal is working normally for years already, while GA4 also works for quite good time already :thinking:

May I ask, if that was done by using the “Purge Everything” button at Cloudflare dashboard → Caching → Configuration? :thinking:

May I ask if you implemented GA4 tracking via Cloudflare Zaraz maybe, or individually by placing a code manually to your Website <head> section? :thinking:


I placed the code in the head section.

I forgot to say that this happened only after the new version of Always Online.
The older version was working with GA4 properly.

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