Enabled TLDs from technical perspective

I think mainly about “.pl” domains TLDs.
Is there some sort of issue to get it added? I mean anything that isn’t only by contract/price/legal side.

Can on website be section for technical approved ones that can be in future added as “stage 1” to get it available?

What I like to know if I can help somehow and if this is concern of technical then we try to get them hook on problem, If this is legal/contract then they need to get our voice louder as community to resolve in our end. Like to get some update on that issue for us and what we can do.
Page TLD Policies not show that some TLDs need attention from us.

I don’t think that Cloudflare alone can do that - progress is non-exist in my country. Other have similar problems. Section “Domains technical certified to be available” on page can drastically tell if this is just political/focus problem or isn’t viable at all (and you recognize what is available to you, maybe some exotic tlds can be added but nobody tell about that?). Is even any domain that won’t ever by added? Or is some infromation what is REQUIRED to be added and why isn’t. No need details, just how we can help if in this process Cloudflare like to do but stuck with our end support

Thx for great service :slight_smile: Yes, we pay for one of domain and start to get more if that tlds will be added.

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