Enabled Rocket Loader Slows Site w/New Theme Page Speed Insight score from 89 to 54

My Site is Https://oliviachocolatiers.com

Discoverd that my old theme was depreciated so purchased a new shoptimizer theme that touts fast page speed scores which I’m finally very happy with. However, Rocket Loader sounds like exactly what I need to get Mobile over 89 but it lowers score to as low as 54 so the opposite effect. There doesn’t seem to be much documentation on the successful use of Rocket Loader. Can anyone guide me as to what the issue could be? Is there something simple that’s wrong or should be set? Without Rocket Loader 89 Mobile and 100 on Desktop is quiet good but I just can’t get past that Rocket loader actually puts the score in reverse what sold to speed up and seems no other discussion on this so why? I’m a engineer, entrepreneur so not a regular IT guy but can understand and decode if you go easy on the jargon and indulge me a little to understand your point. Anything helps (but some explanation help more)