Enabled "cache everthing" now Google ads not displaying

Hello. I have a drupal site and I am caching HTML according to the instructions here:

However, I am a pro user and am thus unable to bypass cookie caches.

Would this explain why my google ads on the site are not displaying?

Thank you.

Checking the Console logs under F12 Developer Tools would be useful to troubleshoot the issue.

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Thank you, I had no idea. Can you please help me interpret the information in the image below?

(I forgot to mention that the Google ads DO show up on my login page, which is the page on which I opened the console and retrieved this image.)

Here is a screenshot of my first page rules for the site:

Try disable Rocket Loader and purge your cache.

Thanks. Unfortunately that did not change anything. Still getting all the same errors.

I should mention that on the login page, where these errors were recorded, I AM seeing the google ad at the top of the page.

I think that for now I will disable the HTML caching, since there is in fact not a lot of HTML in a Drupal site. (That is, material is dynamically arranged.)

I decided to try HTML caching because only about 25% of my site was being cached by CF.

Maybe that is a separate issue? Sorry for the elementary questions. Regards.

Try putting your site into Development Mode from the Overview page of the Cloudflare dashboard.

Those browser errors are just warnings at this point, as it looks like your Content Security Policy is not in Enforce mode. This will be a problem later if you enforce your CSP without lifting those restrictions.

Google ads shouldn’t be affected by page caching because they’re external resources.

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Thanks, I will give it a try. Appreciate your assistance.

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