Enabled Argo and See a Huge Spike in Bandwidth Usage! Is this Normal?

So, I recently enabled Argo and CloudFlare Pro, and all of a sudden, I see a huge spike in the bandwidth usage and requests with no corresponding increase in the actual unique visitors to the website. Is this normal? Has someone else experienced something similar?

Here is the screenshot showing the increase in the bandwidth usage upon activating CloudFlare Pro and enabling Argo:

Naturally, I am surprised by this development. CloudFlare states that your bandwidth usage should actually decrease: “Websites, APIs, and applications using Argo have seen bandwidth bills fall by more than half”.

I haven’t experienced this myself on my Argo-enabled domains, however there might be a bug where each argo route ends up counting its own bandwidth, effectively making 1 byte equal to 4 or 5 bytes (but only for the bandwidth usage graph) - this is a complete guess but it’s the only guess I have right now.

Is there a similar spike happening around the same time on your origin server’s bandwidth?

Yes, the server bandwidth usage went up considerably, corresponding to the increase in an uncached bandwidth usage in the graph above.

The unique visitors to the site remained roughly unchanged, but server bandwidth usage increased by at least 50% percent on a daily basis.

My server bill this month is pretty ridiculous. I also got charged a significant amount for Argo usage that turned out to be at least 5 times higher than what I was expecting prior to turning Argo on.

I was actually expecting that the overall bandwidth usage would decrease, as a result of efficiencies stemming from Argo.

I contacted the CloudFlare support, but my ticket has not received a response yet, it’s been four days. I think they are ignoring the tickets that require some actual investigative work from tech support.

I also saw a huge increase in requests placed on the server after enabling the CloudFlare Pro and Argo.

The number of unique visits stayed fairly flat.

Yes, the origin server bandwidth increased by anywhere from 50% to 100% per day with no corresponding increase in unique visitors.