Enable zaraz with page rules (rather than disable)

I want to enable Zaraz on just a single subdomain of my site

In Page Rules, there is only an option to disable it. As soon as I enable any app, Zaraz activates and starts injecting it’s self across my whole Zone.

As a result, if i want to test Zaraz on just one subdomain to trial/prove/understand the product with live data, I can’t simply have a page rule that enables Zaraz.

Instead I would have to create a whole load of page rules (and update all of my existing page rules) to cover every other possible scenario on the zone that I want to block Zaraz on.

That is not really a viable option.

Is there a good reason Zaraz can’t be enabled via page rules? Would it be a quick and simple feature request to have ability to fully control by page rules? What do other people do when they want to trial Zaraz on a sub section of thier zone?

Hey @davidtrickey, the easiest way to do this would be to install Zaraz manually on that subdomain.