Enable = true, but clients can still turn off Android WARP client

I’ve followed the instructions at:


And set the “enable” attribute to “true” (boolean).

Per the Cloudflare documentation, the enable attribute “Specifies whether If set to True, the client is always enabled and the user is unable to disconnect. If set to false, the client can disable the WARP Client at anytime.”

Even with enable set to true, clients are able to turn off / on the WARP client at will.

Is this a bug? Is the description incorrect? Or am I doing something wrong?

Typically if the enable parameter is not being enforced the configuration file is formatted incorrectly.

I’m using Google Admin to manage the deployments and the “enable” setting is literally a toggle, which I have toggled, i.e., set to true.

Yeah so sounds like it’s not configured correctly. I’m not a Google Admin, but it’s unlikely that at UI component in the Google Admin tool corresponds to the configuration parameters for a managed deployment in the Warp client. How are the rest of the configuration parameters (org name and doh_subdomain being configured) in that deployment config?

Does this have an org name specified and a valid gateway unique ID? When the user has the app deployed are they forced to log into the associated Teams organization?

Yes, the managed configuration is completely filled out and everything works except that users are able to turn off / on the WARP client at will. My understanding of the “enable” setting is the WARP client should be forced on and stay on regardless of user actions, which currently it does not.

I’d recommend filing a support ticket with the configuration files details and log data.

This is fixed in the latest release of the Android WARP client.

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