Enable SSL for subdomain with delegated zone


I want to add ssl to my site. My site is a subdomain of a domain, that I don´t own. The owners of the domain has created a delegated zone for the subdomain pointing to Cloudflare.

I have created the dns entry for the subdomain, enabling https configuring as flexible and setting on to redirect all the request to https.

But after two days of enable it, It still not working the site on https. Checking the status of it in the API I get the message “There are no certificate packs eligible for verification on this zone”.

In Clouldflare it´s not possible to add a subdomain as site as far I know, you have to add the domain, and then you can create the subdomain as I did. Entering in the site I created I get the message “Pending nameserver update”, obviously due to I don´t own the domain, therefore I can´t change the dns of the domain to Cloudflare.

Could be https is not working yet because the dns of the domain it´s not pointing to Cloudflare? If yes how can I enable https just for my subdomain?


I assume you are not on a Business plan. In that case you cant add that domain. In order to add a domain to Cloudflare it needs to belong a public domain.

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