Enable specific IP Range / Class C

Is it possible for a Business or Enterprise account to enable a specific IP Range from this list to a URL?

I need to be able to assign different Class C networks to each domain. (Class C are the first 2 blocks of the IP range).

I want to create an account (e.g. Business) and then put Cloudflare in front of several different websites and always use a different Class C Range per website.

What is the best way to do this?

That is something you would need to discuss with the Enterprise Sales team. Potentially BYOIP would be an option as well.

This is the second similar question on the Community in the last few days. Is there some reason why you care about the IP addresses for websites being in different address ranges?

Some people think that a Class C is the first three octets of an IP address (and even that wasn’t correct when we stopped caring about Classful addressing ~30 years ago.)


That’s right, basically the first 3 blocks, but more crucial are the first 2.

Because of SEO, I prefer to have control over the Class C Ranges.

Thanks for the tips, maybe there is someone else here who already uses this and knows what is the best way to do it.

Static IP and BYOIP are Enterprise features (even without the option of selecting which ranges the static IPs come from) which means your only option is to talk to sales. Enterprise Plans generally start at $5k per month.

Do you have a reference for that? It’s not something I’ve ever heard of as a thing, and I’m curious if I’ve missed something.


Here is an article about Class C networks and SEO: SEO Says Different C-Class IP Addresses "Dramatically" Helps Improve Link Value & Ranking Boost

And here is a supplement in German language:

… unfortunately makes no sense at all for different Class C Nets :slight_smile:

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Having read those articles and a few more, it sounds like an attempt to avoid Google and co. detecting a link farm. And the German article is so full of false statements that its difficult to take it seriously.



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