Enable Proxy with Free SSL on origin

Domain: buywow.in
Origin : Free ssl from zero ssl
Cloudflare Plan: Pro
SSL/TLS encryption mode is Full (strict)

A record added for buywow.in

As soon as we enable the proxy for this A record we start seeing the below error page.

Not able to understand whats wrong here, we migrated this domain from Google cloud and there DNSSEC was on, we disabled that and migrated to Cloudflare. Ever since migration we have not been able to get this website working with proxy mode on.

UPDATE: We were able to solve for this by contacting shopify support. Our domain was previously mapped to shopify and shopify and Cloudflare have some internal integration due to which shopify had to intervene to get this working for us. They never told exactly what they did.

Have you ever used the domain with Shopify?

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