Enable proxy displays months-old site

There are a couple other “old website” threads, but I’m not sure what the answer to my issue is.

Our site was hosted on Digital Ocean as a static site, so it was in fact proxied by cloudflare before, but at a different DNS resolution than is current listed in my CF DNS settings.

I’ve definitely hit the purge cache button a couple times in the last week, but if I proxy my site, I see content from August (when it was a static page hosted on DO, which used Cloudflare as a CDN)

Cloudflare barely caches anything past 4 hours, let alone two months.

What’s the domain?

Right yea, which leads me to think somehow CF is defaulting back to an old CNAME record that points to the static site on DO.

Site is https://contest.sockittome.com

‘contest’ isn’t proxied right now. Is it appearing correctly?

Historical records for that subdomain only go back one month and show the same IP address as it’s currently using.

when it is proxied, it shows this, which was set up as a CNAME previously https://contest-tz6tq.ondigitalocean.app/

I don’t see any reason Cloudflare would still hold onto the old IP address, but some configurations are known to stick around beyond their original use.

Open a ticket via email: support AT cloudflare DOT com
and post the ticket # here as soon as you get the autoreply.

Excellent, thanks. Request (#2280982) has been submitted

OK, looks like I resolved the issue.

DigitalOcean must use CF as their CDN for their “App” tier of static sites. I had a domain of “contest.sockittome.com” set in DigitalOcean, which must actually be something over on CloudFlare. I’m presuming when I threw on that proxy, CF must have preferred the old record over what was in my DNS.

After removing the domain from DigitalOcean’s App settings, enabling the proxy respects the DNS A record.

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