Enable One-time PIN Page for Wp-Admin?

I want to add extra security layer my wordpress wp-admin via zero trust application with One-time PIN. I do all setting add my wp-admin also wp-login.php etc but when I try to access wp-admin page its still open without One-time PIN page. I google it and do all but no its not work. How I can fix it?

Here my settings…



Remove the * wildcard.

Access protects any path that starts with the pattern you entered.


I do its still open wp-admin page without one time pin page like zero trust not working… am I need to have paid subscription for use this? because my account have free plan…

You won’t be able to wall off /wp-admin, because there’s at least one resource in there (admin-ajax) that needs to be publicly accessible.

Protecting wp-login.php is your best approach, which is how I protect my logins:


@sdayman did you add Application domain 4 different record? because from screenshot i cant understand what u do… its wp-login.php 4 time?

That’s four WordPress sites (four domains). So I created four applications.


@sdayman aa its for 4 different website… its mean one website just need one .com/wp-login.php record… But I alredy do this and cloudflare one pin page never open before wp-admin login page my problem is this… also when I visit Test your policy setup page and write my mail here system also says Error testing your policy: access.api.error.invalid_user_id i dont know its about this or not…

As a result, one time page does not open before real wp-admin

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