Enable OCSP Stapling - Free Plan - How to enable?


I have a (hopefully) simple question.

I am using the Free version of Cloudflare and have run an SSL check, on Digicert.com, with the following response.

TLS Certificate has not been revoked

OCSP Staple: Not Enabled
OCSP Origin: Good
CRL Status: Good

My question is - how / where do I ‘turn on’ or 'enable’the OCSP Staple on my Cloudflare control panel?

Under which section / heading do I look.

Thats it… any feedback welcome.

I think OCSP with Cloudflare Origin CA Certificate cannot work, neither if you have a valid SSL certificate installed at your origin host/server.

I might be wrong as far as I’ve tried to configure it, but was unsuccessfull - a few months ago. Maybe something changed in the meantime? :thinking:

I am not aware of this option. I think we cannot enable/disable it in the Cloudflare dashboard.

Despite, if your Cloudflare Universal SSL says OCSP enabled when checking on online tools for SSL test.

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