Enable New Tunnel Local or External IP Address

I’m setting up a new Cloudflare tunnel and when added the new ip address (tunnel route ip add), should this be the external IP address I want users that have installed WARP to get or is this the address of the local IP addresses?

Thank you!

The IP (actually, CIDR) is the privately accessible one. I.e., the IP that your machine (where cloudflared tunnel runs) can reach.

Then your WARP ZT enabled Clients will access those origins via those IP, as if they were in the same private network. This is essentially the old VPN-look and feel, but shaped with Zero Trust controls over a decentralized network.

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Okay, so if our local computers connected directly to our server have an ip range of for instance then that is what I’d add as the tunnel route?


Yes! Exactly :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much!

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