Enable MP4 downloads as default

Hello, is there a way to make all videos streamed to a specific live input have MP4 downloads enabled by default? Right now, I have to manually click the check box for each video. Even better would be if the downloadable MP4 file was available as soon as I stopped streaming.

+1 for this.

Plus, I would like to get other mp4 files as well; for example we streamed in 1080p and by default mp4 will be available in 1080p only while I would like to get 720p, 480p as well.

Anyone can help if they’ve done that already? Or can Cloudflare confirm, if they’re actively working towards this or not, it’s deal breaking for us to continue without 720p or 480p or less, as per our use-case.

I agree.

For what I can see, Cloudflare returns only the highest quality rendition as an .mp4. So if you stream in 1080p, that’s what you get.

They use HLS and so in theory it should be possible to stitch together the segments of the lower quality renditions (720p, 480p etc) yourself, using ffmpeg. I assume that is what happens behind the scenes when you request an mp4, which would explain the need for a manual additional step. I was going to look into doing that but as yet have not.