Enable https after directing the domain to the new hosting

After transferring my website files to a new hosting space and changing the nameservers to make the site reachable, I noticed that (understandably) the security certificate activated on cloudflare is currently not working.
Can I receive assistance to make my site reachable through the security protocol?
Thanks in advance

If you have changed the nameservers your domain will soon be disabled on Cloudflare. You need to change the nameservers back to Cloudflare and change the DNS records on Cloudflare accordingly.

Whats the domain?

Hi, thanks for replying.
I deleted (on Cloudflare) the records related to pointing to the old hosting, but I forgot the procedure that I had followed some time ago to enable https.
Could you explain it to me? Even through screenshots, if possible.

For starters check out https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/categories/200275218

Again, whats the domain?


Alright, yes, that domain does not point to Cloudflare. You first need to add it to Cloudflare, then you point its nameservers to those which Cloudflare gave you.

The domain is already added to Cloudflare

Then you continue with the subsequent steps.

Your nameservers appear to be chad and jocelyn, correct?

There are several tutorials at the address you linked me to. Which one should I follow?

All of them. You need to get a basic understanding of how Cloudflare works.

But again, you should first change your nameservers, otherwise the domain will be removed from Cloudflare.

Now I have to insert the new records, A and CNAME. Is it correct?
What values should I add?

Did I refer to any records? As I said and as the tutorial also says, you need to change the nameservers.

But should I change the nameservers on the platform on which the domain is located or on Cloudflare?

You need to change the nameservers at your registrar. Again, please check out the tutorials, that is all covered there.

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I modified the nameservers, adding those of Cloudflare and removing those of the new hosting.

Once that is done you need to make sure you have all the records set up which you require for your domain.

Whois already reflects the new nameservers, DNS however not yet. You should wait until that is on DNS too.

So do I just have to wait? Don’t I have to do anything else?

Again, all in the tutorials.

If I understand correctly, I have to add an A record, with Name www and content the ip address of the hosting.
Is it correct?