Enable Email!

I contacted cloudflare support email x3 about this, all I am getting is an automated response to post this to cloudflare community!

You were recently recommended to seek advice & guidance in the Cloudflare Community on Dec 13 regarding Enable email forwarding.

Since no human replies to my emails sent to support, can someone please “tag” a support team to just enable email forwarding/routing on my account. I understand it’s still in beta but I still really need this.
I have tried submitting the request online a week ago as well, no answer.
I need this enabled before Dec 18 because there will be an issue with my email provider and I will lose it if I don’t do it before then

Please help

As it’s still in Beta, I advise against relying on Cloudflare email forwarding for critical services…for now.

improvmx.com is a service many people here use.


@user14686 sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Please send me your domain at sven (at) cloudflare.

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I don’t want to provide the domain name here; how to send you direct message or is there a way we can directly get in touch?

His email address is in his message.

Ok thank you for the suggestions and help; cloudflare responded to my email saying the email routing is still in private beta and that I shouldn’t expect access to it anytime soon.

However I did sign up with improvmx.com which is working great right now because we only need basic inbound forwarding which is included in their free plan.

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