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Hi there

I am having problems with my email.
A couple of days ago I was told how to get hold of IPv4 & IP v6 addresses from the host company. This I have but now I need to enable email routing.
The record type is TXT whilst the value has both IP addresses and my web address but it is telling me to delete this. I have tried this but still the problem exists.

What is the exact or the best way to resolve this issue as my website address cannot be found when I try to use a gmail address.


Hey there

I am currently not getting any emails through to my domain address, any help appreciated.

What is the domain?

I currently have the website down due to the email situation.
The email I had created is [email protected] which initially worked but is no longer in operation.
having sent from my gmail it gets returned saying address could not be found or is unable to receive mail.

Cloudflare dashboard for email routing should give you the exact records to set this up. If you provide me with the domain you are setting this up for, I can check your account settings.

I’m not sure what you mean by this. Are you referring to verifying your destination address?

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This is my business address but I am not able to send/receive to my [email protected].
I am able to send to my work email [email protected] but not receive from this address also.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Messages sent to email alias or Group aren't in my inbox - Google Workspace Admin Help.

My domain address is insideforwinners.com
Hope this helps

And the question is?

My domain is insideforwinners.com and I am currently unable to receive messages from my gmail but I can send/receive messages from my work address.

The site’s home page is currently on new site coming soon as I am concerned that people will not be able to contact me via email due to the current challenges that I am having.
When I look at my routing status it tells me that my email DNS records are configured, and my routing status is on enabled.
All the lights are green but there is still something not quite right.

Any help appreciated

DNS records for your email are set up for incoming email to go through Cloudflare’s forwarding service. Only Cloudflare is in your SPF record as authorised to send email for your domain. Whatever service you are using for sending email needs to be added to this list.