Enable DNSSEC: An error occurred while generating the new DNSSec records. (Code: 81413)

I’m currently having trouble enabling DNSSEC for any zone. When I select the “Enable DNSSEC” button, I get the error message in the post title in a red banner at the bottom of the page, and the message box in the middle of the screen spins indefinitely. Is anyone else having this issue?

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I have the same error, and cannot figure what is wrong.

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Is there anyone, who has an idea what is going wrong.

Because i cannot find anything on that error code, and it keeps happening but only on that domain.

Same issue for me also. Guess their DNSSEC API has taken the weekend off… :slightly_frowning_face:

Yup having the same problem. Been trying to enable it since yesterday, been getting that exact very confusing message.

Same to me, tried it few minutes ago. :frowning:

Hi all, this looks like it might be fixed now. This notice on the status page appears to be related:


I haven’t yet been able to fully configure DNSSEC on my domains because now my registrar (gandi.net) seems to have problems. :roll_eyes:

However, Cloudflare’s console at least gets to the point of telling me what DS records to configure, and the Cloudflare DNS servers are certainly publishing the corresponding DNSKEY records. :+1:

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I have the same error

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