Enable Cloudflare and 503 Error


I am facing the 503 error message when I enable Cloudflare.

I have found 503 errors on all domains that are using Cloudflare. When I disable Cloudflare, the 503 error disappears. When I enable it, the error is still there. I have attached an image from one of my domain pages.

To identify the issue I use this website httpstatus .io/. And check my all URLs one by one and found 503 errors.

I also attached the screenshot. Kindly take a look at it.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Anyone here who can respond?

Is it just with the website β€œhttpstatus.io” or is it showing up randomly in your browser?
Example of 503 error page shown in the browser:

Thank You for Your response.

The web page in my browser opens correctly, but it shows a 503 error in httpstatus .io. I checked Scrapebox in order to see if it was alive and it was not alive.

Sounds like something on β€œhttpstatus.io” end, might be best to contact them or use a different service. I tested with a bunch of my domains on that site and they 503 also.

Hi, it’s possible that firewall rules are blocking the bots being used. Are you using firewall rules that block bots?

Please disable bot fight mode or rules that block bots.

I disable Bot Fight mode as keizha recommendation and it’s working.

I disable the Bot fight and found it causing the issue.

Thank You for your kind help.

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Thank you for your feedback information. I am happy to hear this :smiling_face:

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