Enable Caching on HTML Website

Just started the Pro Plan with Argo.

My website is an HTML version of a WP website, I’m not using a static website service though, its a weird conglomeration to say the least. I would like basically everything cached in Cloudflare since BlueHost is pretty slow.

My Google Page Speed results barely moved when switching to CloudFlare and based on some research apparently HTML is not cached…and I’m worried js, css and other files are not either. I would like to enable caching for all of these elements so I followed some tutorials in the help section and enabled page workers:

This did not work so I think I have to add https page headers to enable cache control? I am new to Cloudflare and CDNs in general so please bear with me :grin:

Would this be the correct solution? <meta http-equiv="Cache-control" content="public">

What else do I have to adjust in my files to be cached with Cloudfalre?