Enable Bypass Cache on Cookie feature on Pro plan

Hi @carlos17
Can you help me out with the “super tricky” steps for Magento. My Admin panel editing do not reflect even in AdminPanel. I have set pagerule to not cache site[dot]com/MagentoAdminPanel/*

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+infinity (for this feature to be in ProPlan)

Have you found any workaround? As of now it appears, under Pro Plan, One cannot perform basic Magento Admin tasks of Site editing. Even small things like Product Attribute changes.

Btw, you would be happy to know that Cloudflare team has noticed your thread & this issue in Pro Plan. On my support ticket, I was provided with link to this thread, to consider upgrading to Business Plan.

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Page rules to the rescue…

Edited: converted into pastebin cause markdown

This should cover most of the stuff, havent had complains so far…

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Maybe in 2021?

You can do it with Workers, and it will most likely cost even less than a Pro plan.


Is there a tutorial for this? :grinning:

I already posted the link.

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yes this should be on pro plan

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+1 for adding this feature on pro plan

+1, this would be great to have without workers