Enable Bypass Cache on Cookie feature on Pro plan

Does Cloudflare intend to allow PRO plan to benefit from this feature anytime soon?

I’m going to hazard a guess “no.” It’s extremely rare for Cloudflare to bump features to lower plans. But only Cloudflare knows for sure, and they’re not going to say anything about a feature change until it happens.


Now that cloudflare offers workers for pro plan that can be used just like bypass cache on cookie with some coding, why not let pro accounts take advantage of bypass cache on cookie?

This would be a great addon for the Pro Plan, especially with the push for TTFB. I’m not sure that this one feature is worth an extra $180 per month.

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Would be great if pro plan could get this feature for a reasonable extra fee for page rules, just like extra page rules.

Any Hope!?

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You can hope, but don’t hold your breath.


Here’s to hoping! This would make CloudFlare the go-to for all WordPress sites out there. :slight_smile:

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Maybe that is why they aren’t doing it :joy:

I think you could do this with Workers.

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That is true and you could technically even scope to specific paths in case you need it to not run somewhere.


Works not working for me.

I use wordpress / woocommerce.

I put the cache ids and configured to apply in all my domain.

But, nothing happens. CloudFlare continues to confuse a logged in user with a non-logged user.

What can I be doing wrong?

It would be nice if CloudFlare provided an answer in this thread. It has been ongoing since 2018 and I believe it has received enough attention to get at least a word from CloudFlare about their stance on the Bypass Cache on Cookie feature being available to Pro Plan users.

I still firmly believe Bypass Cache on Cookie should be available to Pro Plan users.


While it would be neat if Cloudflare gave away all their cool features for free or at a deep discount, it’s not a good business model.


I actually think it’s a bad business model to keep this feature for Business and Enterprise Plans only. I think CloudFlare is actually missing out on tons of $20 Pro Plans since I’m sure most people and businesses on Free Plans absolutely wouldn’t switch to the $200+ Plans for this single feature, but probably would switch to the $20 Pro Plan if the feature was made available there. Keep this in mind, CloudFlare only needs to sell 10 Pro Pans to equal 1 Business Plan.

I sincerely think this would be a win win situation for both CloudFlare and its customers, and most certainly not a “bad business model”.

As pointed out in Cloudflare’s S-1:

Our future financial performance also depends in part on our ability to continue to upgrade paying customers to higher-tier subscriptions or additional paid products and, to a lesser extent, to convert free customers into paying customers.

A majority of our revenue in the year ended December 31, 2018 and the six months ended June 30, 2019 was from Enterprise plan customers that were acquired through our inside and field sales teams. We expect this trend will continue for the foreseeable future.


Selling things to the poor was the best business model ever existed. Why? Because, it is 98% of all humans. That’s why “poor-man’s” corporations are able to buy luxury brands. And, I don’t think, that $20 per a web-site per month is cheap. The next level costs $180 more per web-site and that’s, basically, just for “Bypass Cache on Cookie”. I love, though, how much Cloudflare did to make the Internet better.

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Plus all the other things you get with a Business plan. I get that you might not need/want any of them, but they do still exist.

Need this so badly, but like others jumping 10x from $20 to $200/m just for this one feature to enable workers is to big a leap.

I’d love to see it just offered to Pro plans, but I’d also be fine with adding it to anyone that pays for additional Page Rules ($5/m). ie. make it so Pro plan people can get this one features for +$5/m instead of +$180/m.

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