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I’ve been using CloudFlare for a few years now and I want to start off by thanking everyone working there for this great service. Surely enough, CloudFlare’s technology has helped my small web site reach it’s users across the globe in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

That being said, I do have a feature request that has been long running through my mind.

The Bypass Cache on Cookie feature sounds awesome but is currently only available to Business and Enterprise plan users. Coupled with the Cache Everything feature, it makes your site almost entirely cached by CloudFlare while also being accessible to logged in users of Wordpress & other CMS. Right now, I’m using the Cache Eveything feature, but logged in users need to append a ? at the end of URLs if they want to access the uncached Wordpres admin pages. This is a true burden and the only way to fix this would be to adhere to a Business or Enterprise plan to get the Bypass Cache on Cookie feature. But this means paying 200$+ per month for a single feature. This is a HUGE expense, espcially for a small web site like mine that doesn’t need any of the other Business or Enterprise features.

I currently have a Free plan with CloudFlare, but different options from the Pro plan do appeal to me like Polish and Mirage. Those options, however, are currently not important to me enough to make me switch to Pro. If CloudFlare would give access to the Bypass Cache on Cookie feature to Pro plan users, I’m quite certain that a lot of people would switch from the Free plan to the Pro plan. I most definitely would without any hesitation.

CloudFlare, it would be awesome if this request could be passed on to management so this matter can be assessed once and for all. I’ve previously read in these forums different threads talking about this feature, but I want to open a new thread in hopes the request can be reassessed again.

I also encourage anyone who’d like the Bypass Cache on Cookie feature added to the Pro plan to vote and voice their opinion in this thread.

Thank you.

Request: Cache Everything with Cookie bypass for the PRO plan



Could you use a page rule to configure the /wp-admin/* path to never get cached?


You could, but commenting won’t work correctly (nor will any logged in
request that doesn’t hit /wp-admin/).

With some cleverness you could do it using workers to rewrite requests,
but this would require a fairly decent understanding of how WordPress
works, how Cloudflare’s caching works and how workers can manipulate
requests to get cached vs uncached pages.


The goal is not just to prevent admin pages from being cached, but also regular pages when a user is logged in. Wordpress has a useful toolbar that shows on all pages when a user is logged in, but that toolbar won’t show if the pages are cached. Hence the need to append a query string ? at the end of URLs when Cache Everything is enabled without Bypass Cache on Cookie. It’s not the end of the world, but in my opinion, Bypass Cache on Cookie should be offered if you have the ability to use Cache Everything since both features go hand in hand. So CloudFlare should at least give it to Pro plan users if they don’t want to give it to Free plan users.


Hey people, don’t forget to vote for this feature request if you want it!


If we get enough votes, then maybe we can get CloudFlare’s attention on this matter.


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